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        China Injection Molds Company Design--slider for undercut  structure

            Our plastic product design, sometimes close to the design of the card will depend on the hook, or oblique pin strength will be weak and cause mold does not survive, change design and very troublesome. In fact, sometimes clever little injection mold design can also be a good solution to this problem.

             Below, this product is relatively small, a total of four cards hook, the direction of 90 degrees, such as the
        red circle hook if you do two oblique card pins, bound at the bottom of the fight, this time can be considered
        a ramp off the hook to do, one to do the slider
        , as picture

        In fact, the
        injection mold slider has applications in many products, as shown products oblique pin if you do so,
        due to the bottom of the rib may cause interference oblique pin strong enough (of course, can recommend whether the bottom of the rib can avoid some), this time using the slide block also viable options

        But using the slider has a little caveat, and that is the height of the slider, when releasing the hook or otherwise
        will encounter mold Jen Oh, the next article I will talk about a particular structure to solve the clever upside
        (As for the utility is not practical it depends on the specific circumstances).

        As a professional china  injection mold company, we focus on precision mold making manufacturing
        in china for complicate slider.

        our strongpoint is High precision, long life and short cycle time and competitive price for such slider mold.

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