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        China mold maker&plastic injection molding company

        Professional & Trustable Plastics Mold Maker

        China injection molding making company

        Process Control

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        CN-MOULDING quality process .

        China injection molding plastics Quality Control Commission is responsible for

        developing specific precison plastic molding quality policies,

        China customer plastic injection molding company doesn’t follow the industry standard; we set it. In fact,

        we set our standards higher every day with every product we produce.Whether you need to meet UL, ISO,

        SAE or another convention, China injection mold company level of excellence will exceed your quality expectations.

        1. Injection Mold Design Control.
        2. Injection Mold certificate Inspection.
        3. Injection Mold Material Inspection.
        4. Injection Mold Steel Dimension Inspection.
        5. Injection Mold Trial Report and video check
        6. Mould Pre-Shipment Final Inspection.
        7. Export Mould Package Inspection.

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        Quality control

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