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        China mold maker&plastic injection molding company

        Professional & Trustable Plastics Mold Maker

        China injection molding making company


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        Industrial Design:

        For providing better service for our customer and improving our competitiveness, we built a special elite’s team to focus on industrial design in 2009, we are committed to helping our clients improve enterprise brandimage, enhance the brand value, shorten the development cycle, reduce the production cost,. Since Cn-moulding co.,ltd  have rich experience on mold building and injection molding in china. We can easily provide one stop OEM service, also provide separate service : Industrial Design;Appearance Design; Product Structure Design .In the past two years, the great team made a big successful . a lot of case were accepted by customer and realized to mass production.And help our customer totally capture the competitive market.

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        Mold design:

        The high quality mold is the core business of Sositar .we have 10 special mold designers, who have rich experience in plastic properties and mold structure. And they will take each case seriously ,before designing start, our designer will run Mold Flow Analysis and attend a technical meet for each mold with tool shop and injection Dept. to avoid potential manufacture problem and trouble shoot. all of this is the strong guarantee of our high quality and short lead time

        Our service include :

        Industrial Design
        Appearance Design
        Structure Design
        Mold Design (2D & 3D)
        DFM (Design for Manufacturability)
        Mold Flow Analysis

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