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        China mold maker&plastic injection molding company

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        • Cooling - 2019/08/28

          China Injection Mold Cooling System, In order to control the injection mold temperature, 100 degrees below, usually adopts water as cooling medium ...

        • Reliable mold making company - 2019/06/17

          As a full service contract plastic mold manufacturer in china , we can provides turnkey solutions for your plastic product manufacturing needs. From product design support through order fulfillment and distribution,PMP offers our clientele a multitude...

        • Injection Mold inspection - 2019/06/14

          Injection Mold inspection in China . After the injection mold has to go through several test mode, most small and medium molds need to be 1-3 times tryout, medium-sized injection mold takes 3 to 5 times...

        • steel performance requirements - 2019/06/13

          Injection mold steel performance requirements Injection molds generally need to work in a high temperature environment of 150 to 200 when manufacturing plastic products in injection molding machines. Therefore, the selection of raw material...

        • Mould Maker process - 2019/02/22

          China Mould Maker process : 1、Injection Molding design control 2、China Mould Maker steel certificated 3、Injection Molding steel hardness inspection 4、injection moulding electrodes inspection...

        • slider design - 2018/11/09

          Our plastic product design, sometimes close to the design of the card will depend on the hook, or oblique pin strength will be weak and cause mold does not survive, change design and very troublesome.sometimes clever little injection mold design ...

        • Sink Mark - 2018/08/02

          Plastic injection molding products sink mark, its causes and solutions:Cooling contraction in wall thickness, the material has a dent on stiffener or sink hole phenomenon ...

        • medical project - 2018/06/22

          mold making project for thermoplastic elastomer molded parts Recently, we produced three molds for Austrian companies, injection molding products are thermoplastic elastomer...

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