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        China mold maker&plastic injection molding company

        Professional & Trustable Plastics Mold Maker

        China injection molding making company

        What is injection Moulding used for?

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        Plastic Injection Molding service

         The process can produce precise complex plastic products action of a gram to more than a hundred
        kilograms,in virtually any plastic material. The process starts with feeding small plastic beads into a
        heated screw and barrel system that melts the plastic into a high–viscosity liquid. The screw then
        forces the molten plastic into a closed mold that provides the shape, cooling and solidification, and
        finally ejects the part.China Injection molding is fast and can be economical. But because every part
        needs its own costly injection molding tool, the process is economically viable only for mass production,
        usually more than 10,000 parts.

        China Injection molding tools take weeks to build. Often, design mistakes become apparent, requiring
        time–consuming mold corrections. Multiple iterations may go from the producer to the tool builder until the final
        part design and quality are achieved, increasing costs and product time to market.


        Plastic Injection molding is a method of producing parts with a heat-melt able plastics material.

        This is done by the use of an plastic injection molding machine. The shape which is produced is controlled by
        what is called a “mold china” 
        The plastic injection molding machine has two basic parts; the injection unit,
        which melts the plastic and then 
        injects or moves it into the mold, and the clamping unit, which holds the
        mold.The unit clamps the mold in a 
        closed positionduring injection, opens the mold after cooling, and  
        ejects the finished part.


         Materials  can be used in a process called china injection molding

         These are thermoplastics such as polystyrene, nylon, polypropylene and polythene - this means when
        they are heated 
        and then pressured in a mould they can be formed into different shapes. China  injection
        molding unit seen opposite has been made in one piece using this process 
        An animation of an injection
        moulding process is shown below. Injection moldings count for 
        a significant proportion of all plastics
        products from micro 
        parts to large components such as bumpers and wheelie bins.  Virtually all sectors
        manufacturing use injection moulded parts - the flexibility in size and and shape possible through use
        of this process have consistently extended the 
        boundaries of design in plastics and enabled significant
        replacement of traditional materials 
        thanks to light weighting and design freedom.  The table below shows
        the type of products that can 
        be injection moulded, but is by no means comprehensive.


        Plastic Injection Molding service industry include following


        2,Consumer Products
        4,Medical / Dental Disposable
        5,Electrical / Computer Parts
        6,Food & Beverage
        7,Insertion Molding
        8,Living Hinge

        List products that have been manufactured through injection moulding. Reference article for china injection molding compainies 


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