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        China mold maker&plastic injection molding company

        Professional & Trustable Plastics Mold Maker

        China injection molding making company

        The Process Of China Mould Maker

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        The Process Of China Mould Maker:

        1、China Mould maker design control
        2、China Mold Maker steel certificated
        3、China mould makers steel hardness inspection
        4、China mould company electrodes inspection
        5、China Mould manufacturer core and cavity steel dimension inspection
        6、China mold makers  pre-assembly inspection
        7、China mould making  trial report and samples inspection
        8、China mold making pre-shipment final inspection
        9、export mould package inspection


        CN-moulding is a professional china mould maker which is engaged in plastic injection

        our company focus on mold making and stamping die making over 16 years .With advanced in-house
        machines and professional workers , we can achieve your satisfaction by supplying you both quality highly precision injection mold ((+/- 0.02mm) and large injection mold (2200mm), .Our injection molds are widely used in toys and games, electrical appliance, automotive,industrial parts and other molding goods. We usually exported our molds to Europe, America, Asia and other regions. High quality, reasonable price , and on time delivery has earned us a good reputation in our customers.

        We can provide a competitive price and better service for you, helping you winning more orders, to
        prove our sincerity and capability. We can make one or two molds for you without charging any profit,
        until you think we are able to meet your requirements, we then start cooperation relationship.


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