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        China mold maker&plastic injection molding company

        Professional & Trustable Plastics Mold Maker

        China injection molding making company

        Injection Molds

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        Cnmoulding is professional injection moulds company

        The mold industry is an important part of the manufacturing industry and has broad market prospects. At present
        the annual output value of mold around the world about 75 billion US dollars, China's annual production value of
        mold around $ 4 billion, it is estimated that by 2025 China's mold production value will reach 56 billion yuan.
        Currently, 30% of the general mold of China, more than half of high-grade mold is also dependent on imports
        (which account for a large proportion of injection molding). Thus, the mold (in particular injection molds) 
        manufacturing behind to some extent has become a blockade of China's manufacturing development
        bottleneck. Development and introduction of advanced manufacturing technology are changing our injection
        mold manufacturing lagging behind market demand and an important way of rapid growth.

        China Injection Moulds believes the partnership begins from the moment that you place your first inquiry with
        us. At the technical level, we consult to ensure a precise definition and understanding of the design,
        specification, and application. Over and above this we seek to ensure that the design for manufacture
        optimizes our opportunity to give you a service second to none.



        China injection moulds maker can build precision mold

         With the correct materials, heat treatments, corrosion protection, and machining tolerances then it will work
        flawlessly for its intended life provided it is properly maintained. To read about the different types of corrosion-resistant techniques available for injection molds.


        The Process Of China Mould Maker:

        1、China Mould maker design control
        2、China Mold Maker steel certificated
        3、China mould makers steel hardness inspection
        4、China mould company electrodes inspection
        5、China Mould manufacturer core and cavity steel dimension inspection
        6、China mold makers  pre-assembly inspection
        7、China mould making  trial report and samples inspection
        8、China mold making pre-shipment final inspection
        9、export mould package inspection

        The injection mould should produce quality parts at the correct cycle time without interruptions due to ejection difficulties. There should be no need for a molder to spend time, energy or money troubleshooting and repairing
        a mold. Employees should be free to work on the more important money-making tasks.

        Part design, part material selection, injection mould design, processing, and injection mold making techniques
        must all be taken into consideration when making an injection mould that will be reliable. That's why constant
        communication between injection molders and injection mold makers is critical to success.

        Cnmoulding is reliable china injection mold factory

        China Injection Mold name:  Cover

        China Injection Mold Type: full hardened export mold/plastic injection mold / 2 plate mold

        Description of injection molds: Mold making is used on the germany precision medical industry, we make the
        mould in our mould making factory then test it in our
         china plastic injection molding company. And injection
        molded plastics products maker in China. Manufactures and exports quality OEM china plastic injection molding manufacturing  and plastic mould making hot Runner Options: We have experience with the following
        China-Based hot runner providers: Husky, Mold Master, Yudo or another hot runner that we can buy from china.

        Size & Types of molds

        From press size of 30 ton – 2,500 ton, we can build it in house. 3 plate, rubber over molds, metal inserted
        molds, metal over molds, laminated lens molds, reflector molds, high precision gear molds, tandem molds,
        multiple slide molds, multi-stage ejection molds, multi cavity molds. Molds with LARGE numberS of changeable

        CN-moulding is a professional china mould maker which is engaged in plastic injection

        our company focus on mold making and stamping die making over 20 years .With advanced in-house
        machines and professional workers , we can achieve your satisfaction by supplying you both quality highly precision injection mold ((+/- 0.02mm) and large injection mold (2200mm), .Our injection molds are widely used in toys and games, electrical appliance, automotive,industrial parts and other molding goods. We usually exported our molds to Europe, America, Asia and other regions. High quality, reasonable price , and on time delivery has earned us a good reputation in our customers.

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