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        Plastic parts of the silk painting


        Printing plastic parts, plastic products, secondary mechanic (or reprocessing) one. The so-called
        secondary processing is in the plastics injection molding, once again decorative surface treatment,
        such as plastic plating, plastic coating, plastic stamping, plastic printing and so on. So to secondary
        plastics processing, mainly by the performance of the plastic itself, the decision, such as dyeing it
        relatively simple, and the color of the light fastness is also poor. To compensate for these shortcomings,
        improving the appearance of decorative plastic products, on the need for secondary processing.


        IML injection molding technology introduction

        IML's Chinese name: injection mold inserts its remarkable features is the process: the surface is a layer
        of hardened transparent film, the middle layer is printed patterns, the back is a plastic layer, since the
        ink in the middle, the product can prevent surface scratches and abrasion and can be difficult to
        maintain long-term bright colors fade.


        Causes of blooming in Injection Molding Products


        Plastic in the filling process by the interference of the gas products often appear on the surface of silver stripes
        or small blooming or products within the thick wall to form blooms. The main source of these gases is raw materials
        containing water or volatile substances or lubricant overdose, it may be too high-temperature plastic material to produce
        a long degradation of gas.



        We offer transparent plastic product solutions


        Currently, in China, transparent injection molded parts are widely used in automotive, medical, lighting,
        consumer products, cosmetics packaging industry, transparent plastic injection molded parts typically
        use materials PC, POM, PMMC, AS, PET.


          Compared with the other colors of plastic products, strict requirements are necessary for appearance,
        transparent plastic member, which makes injection molding more complicated. Factors and injection
        mold design and manufacturing conditions determine the final outcome in the future, there are some
        problems often occur in the transparent plastic molding process, we offer some solutions in a transparent
        plastic cover for exampleinjection molding products


        China Plastic injection molding products processing technology


        I. For printing on the surface of the plastic products, printing or when the pattern, there are several

        methods. stencil printing of this method is the most common and also the most one method; they're

        generally suitable for flat or curvature of the small print.


        2, the principle curved surface printing flexography printing ink is first placed within the text or logo
        engraved gravure, then copy the text or images onto a surface, the surface will re-use the text or
        the pattern is transferred to the surface of the molded product, and finally through an ultraviolet light
        irradiation heat treatment or the like so that the ink is cured.


        Causes of blooming in Injection Molding Products

        Plastic in the filling process by gas interference, Often appear in the product surface silver
        streaks or tiny bubbles or thick bubbles within the product. The main source of these gases is the
        the moisture content of raw materials, or volatile substances or lubricants in excess, it may be the
        material temperature is too high plastic heated for a long time, degradation occurs and produce
        degradation gas


        Plastic products shrinkage for many reasons:

        The shrinkage of wall thickness due to the inherent characteristics of plastic, after injection
        molding cooling, there will be some extent of contraction. Shrinkage of the plastic shell dents
        primarily on the thick-walled outer surface, which is more common for larger plastic products,
        plastic materials shrink due to their volumetric properties, resulting in Raw materials appear
        into the phenomenon. Therefore, the surface of the finished product will appear in signs of depression.
        Shrinkage is the most common adverse effect on the finished appearance and occurs mainly at the wall
        thickness. The practice has proved that if the injection pressure drops, the chances of shrinkage will increase.

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