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        China mold maker&plastic injection molding company

        Professional & Trustable Plastics Mold Maker

        China injection molding making company


        Professional & Trustable Plastics Mold Maker

        The company was established in Shanghai
        With the first injection molding machine
        Master hot runner technology
        Relocation to new plant
        Advanced mold processing and injection molding machine

        Rapid prototyping and blister
        Die casting molds
        A Rich History
        A Tradition of Innovation Continues
        We are a company specialized in various plastic injection mould & molding technology stationed here in shanghai ,
        china to provide mold bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity. That was the beginning of the
        CNMOULDING tradition of industry-leading innovation and standardization.
        Significant advances in mold tooling technology are the CNMOUDLING story. With seven decades of making moldmakers, molders and designers more efficient and more productive, we’ve become an essential resource to the industry.
        Quality Materials and Processes
        CNMOULDING starts with only the finest material — as measured by industry-leading standards for quality assurance and supplier evaluation — to ensure high-quality, precision-finished components. And, CNMOULDING manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified to provide consistent, dependable quality.
        A Single Source for All Your Needs
        For a sampling of innovative products that consistently improve productivity, CNMOULDING extensive product catalog
        tells it all. If you’re involved in plastics injection molding tooling, CNMOULDING has what you need.
        Comprehensive, Accessible Customer Service
        CNMOULDING customers have 24/7 access via a wide selection of communication channels. Toll-free telephone, fax, 
        e-mail, and web are all available. CNMOULDING eShop online service allows customers real-time order processing a
        nd order status updates.
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